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Creation of a responsive website for a small company, business at a low cost

Creation of a responsive website for a small company, business at a low cost image 1

I offer the creation of websites for small companies, small businesses, cafes, bars, restaurants, car service, lawyers, photographers, craftsmen, as well as any business selling goods or services that does not require a large number of web pages. My advantages and features of creating a website: - I work with clients from all over the world. It doesn't matter what city or country you are in. I am open to all people, different races, nationalities, religions and worldviews. You just need to contact me by e-mail. If you do not know English well - use Google Translate for correspondence and we will easily understand each other. - Low price for creating a website, affordable even for a private person. Because I'm building a website myself at home (from start to finish), I don't rent an office, I don't have hired employees, managers, a secretary, and other normal expenses for companies. - Convenient website navigation without a complex and confusing system of buttons and links, so that the website visitor quickly finds the information they need in just a few clicks. - Sliders on the main and other web pages of the website. - A section or web page of a website with a portfolio or photo gallery. - Feedback form on the website with the possibility of placing a map from Google Map. - Website map for improved and faster site indexing by search engines like Google and others. - Fully SEO-optimized website, ready for indexing by search engines. - Responsive website design is based on Bootstrap 5 - the most powerful framework for mobile devices and Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). The website will load just as well and quickly on smartphones as it does on desktop computers. - Mobile first. No more worrying about your website's mobile-friendliness: your website will resize perfectly for any device without your input. - Website adaptation for mobile devices. Mobile web traffic overtook desktop traffic in 2016 and will only grow in 2023, so it's important to create a website that looks good on all devices. No special action is required, the website will be optimized for mobile devices. You don't need to create a dedicated mobile version of your website, it adapts automatically. There is also no need to make mobile applications separately for Android and iOS, spending money on developing and further placing applications on Google Play and the App Store. - The minimum load on web hosting, since the website does not use PHP and MySQL databases, which significantly reduces the load on web hosting, increases the level of protection against hacking by intruders and allows you to host a website on the most minimal and cheap tariff plan, reducing it many times the cost of monthly / annual maintenance of the site. In addition to my website development, hosting your website will also require a domain name (for the website address) as well as a web host where your website files will be hosted. I work remotely with different countries and offer the following practical procedure. 1. You need to contact me and tell me exactly what website you need. I must fully understand its future structure, what will be on it, what sections, information, photos, etc. 2. I confirm that I am taking the job of creating your website. 3. You provide me with information for your website (structure, pages, texts, photos). 4. I'm starting work on building your website. Production time is 1-2 weeks and will depend on the amount of work and how quickly you provide me with the necessary information for your website (structure, texts, photos). 5. Upon completion of the work on the creation of the website, I place the finished website on a temporary web host and send you a link to this temporary website address. 6. You view the finished website and give your confirmation, or I will additionally make changes based on your wishes. 7. I tell you the method and details for a convenient and secure payment. 8. You make a payment. 9. I send you an archive with your website through a file hosting service, which you can upload to your hosting in the root folder of the site. 10. I can also help you upload your website to your web host for free. To do this, I need access to the root folder of your web host via FTP. You can give me access for 1 day, I will upload your website, after that you just change the password and close my access to your web hosting in the future. 11. After installing your website on your hosting, I will also add it for indexing in Google search engines and others, plus place a few dozen links to it on other websites to improve its starting SEO parameters. This is my bonus and you do not need to pay extra for it. Please contact us via private message for any questions.

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